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Host My App in the Cloud - ISVs Competing with SaaS

Customers Now Want Their Apps Hosted

We continue on a daily basis seeing more and more ISVs looking for a way to offer their customers a hosted version of their application. The good news is customers are willing to pay to have their applications hosted. It's no longer a trend or fad but a significant segment of application sales and any software vendor who's not on board is missing the boat.  Download our SaaS Guide for ISVs.  It contains information and tips about hosting your app in the Cloud.

SaaS: Internet=Infrastructure

Providing software and other technologies can be expensive and time consuming for employers. Software as a Service offers a solution. SaaS allows access to various technologies without needing to buy, build, and maintain the IT infrastructures. Internet access is all you need.  Download our SaaS Guide for ISVs.  It contains tips and information about hosting your app in the Cloud. 

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How to Select a DaaS Provider

Selecting a Desktop as a Service Provider and what to look for in a provider.Select DaaS Provider "A" or "B"

Hosted Virtual Desktops - DaaS reviewed by Network World

Consider desktops in the cloud for BYOD - Five DaaS vendors deliver Windows desktops to any end user device

Network World released their review of DaaS providers today titled "Consider desktops in the cloud for BYOD, Five DaaS vendors deliver Windows desktops to any end user device," written by Tom Henderson of ExtremeLabs. To begin with, it was a compliment to ICC Global Hosting to be selected as one of the providers to be tested and we enjoyed working with Tom in his review. I was first approached by XtremeLabs on behalf of Network World in November and agreed to build a test environment for their review. After some interaction with Tom Henderson and my team the test environment was turned over in January and the testing began. By the way, thanks to the ICC Support team for a great job setting up the test environment and for their efforts working with XtremeLabs. I can never say enough good things about our support team.

Start-ups use DaaS to start their business in the Cloud

Starting a business in the Cloud

Most people can agree on the benefits of Cloud technologies (except for those "server huggers" out there) but some recent experiences have made me realize why anyone starting a new business is in the ideal situation to run their business 100% in the Cloud. Since start-ups aren't burdened with the choice of "doing things the way they've always done them", they can take full advantage of running their business in the Cloud from Day 1.

SaaSify in 2016

Software as a Service (SaaS) - By hosting standard or custom applications your software applications can be delivered to your customers as SaaS without rewriting the applications for web delivery. Extend the life of client server applications and enhance their performance.
John Carey, senior director of worldwide channel strategy and development at Citrix, had a lot to say about the future of SaaS (software as a service).  He sees SaaS as an integral part of business due to the change in work flow and collaboration.  Many businesses are moving away from owning their own hardware and away from datacenters.  It has become far more practical to move toward a SaaS solution.  Carey believes that businesses are telling the tech industry, "'I don't want to sink capital costs anymore. I want to move toward an operating cost model. I want to be more flexible. I want to spend more of my resources on growing my business rather than managing my business infrastructure'."
Companies are moving away from physical ownership and away from the costly staff that this ownership requires.  SaaS gives companies a rental style option that allows them to budget tech costs like they do any other utility.  This move toward SaaS is a shift in the way companies view IT.  SaaS offers users freedom, mobility, and accessibility. 
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Data Privacy Day

January 20, 2016
in VDI, DaaS

January 28, 2016 will be the seventh annual Data Privacy Day. On January 26, 2009, the United States House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution declaring January 28th National Data Privacy Day. The holiday is currently observed in the United States, Canada, and several European nations.

2015 Tech Review

Technology is advancing and changing so quickly that it is difficult to keep up.  Here are a few things that you may have missed in 2015.

December in Tech History

December 22, 2015


Many notable advances have occurred in December.  Here are a few that have made an impact in the world of technology.

Death of the PC

The technology world has been predicting the death of the PC for the last few years. Tablets have rapidly gained popularity and PC sales have been on the decline. However, if you speak to the average user, many still use both on a daily basis and are unwilling to give up either. PCs are still preferred by many for work because of the increased RAM and processor speed and tablets are the go-to choice for leisure because of their mobility.


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